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In my new book, I share strategies I learned over many years of practical experience and I reveal the marketing concepts and growth strategies you need to attract more new customers. This is an easy-to-follow guide to the uncommon marketing methods I use to help clients drive massive growth in sales and profits.

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For Remodelers, Painters, Roofers, Landscapers and All Home and Commercial Contractors
that Want to Improve their Marketing and Sales Success

If you’re a residential or commercial contractor and your prospect is getting bids from 2-4 other companies, this program will make you the obvious choice to do business with… even if you’re typically the high priced guy.

You can stop losing prospects that “like you” but always seem to hire the other guy.

Using the customized sales and marketing tools we create, many of our clients started closing more sales within days of implementing the Closing Success System©.

Since 2002, we’ve implemented our marketing program for residential contractors in:
remodeling, painting, roofing, landscaping, windows, siding, plumbing and many more in the home improvement market.

We have also implemented our marketing program for commercial clients in:
renovation, painting, landscaping, property management, trucking and IT.

My brother Dan and I run the roofing, siding and window company our dad started over 30 years ago and until this year we did all the selling. Our business has grown steadily and we have always been confident that we offered superior service to our competitors. The one thing that continually frustrated us was losing business to companies that we knew didn’t deliver our level of service. That’s where Closing Success System came in. We started it in 2009. We first installed the closing success system and then he revamped our website. This one two punch has increased our leads and closing success so much that in 2010 we hired a full time salesperson to help us because we couldn’t keep up. We always knew we were better, and now every prospect knows that too.
Mike - GK & Sons

Before I met Mike in 2008, I was hanging on by a thread. The economy was headed into the toilet, business was drying up and I was scared about the future of my business. I was desperate. Today, I’m on cruise control and flying high. Here’s why. I know this is going to sound like hype, but it’s all true. Mike helped me implement his Closing Success System© and my closing rate jumped from 20% to well over 50% and some months higher than that.  I’m closing more business than ever before. Believe me; it’s not because of my great looks and suave sales style – you can check out the video I did for them.
Rossi - WF Painting

When You Focus On Improving
Your Closing Rate FIRST…
You Will Have More Cash
To Invest In Lead Generation…If You Really Need It.

It’s Simple Math – If Your Current Sales are $1 Million…
Increasing Your Closing Rate from 20% to 30%
Delivers $500,000 More Sales Every Year

Prospects that contact you are the hottest lead you can get.

Closing more of these prospects – turning them into paying projects - is the fastest and easiest way to increase your sales and profits…right now.

This isn’t a pipe dream or hype... We’ve been improving and honing the Closing Success System© since 2002. This is a proven, field tested system, being used by hundreds of contractors, that has generated tens of millions of Increased Sales for our clients and counting.

My most current client reference list has 50 folks you can call if you like.

Please invest 5 minutes to watch this intro video to see if our program makes sense for your residential or commercial business.

Hard to believe that is has been 4 ½ years that I have been using the Closing Success System. It works as well now as it did when we first started working together. Just last week I closed a job and I was the high bid by 30%. The tools clearly make me stand out and I consistently close at a much better rate than I used to even though I am almost always the highest priced guy. I am so busy even though other painters I know are still complaining that it is slow
Rich - Spectrum

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